Gimme an M

Gimme an E

Gimme an S

Gimme an S

What does it spell MESS.

1. To all budding movie directors please, please be careful with closeups. Closeups in a theater with a gigantic screen can cause a Brobdingnag effect.

Moles and blemishes on a face look very large. There were way too many closeups of Sarah like every five minutes. No one stands that close to people first of all. Her blemishes and moles (I think they are called moles) look larger then reality. That this became distracting. When one talks to a person blemishes and moles blend in with the rest of the face. On a large screen your eyes are often shifting and closeups it becomes noticable and at times to the mind disproportiinate to the face. On a tv screen this would not matter your eyes tend not to shift but big screen be careful.

2. It was a mess. I am not sure if the director wanted to make a horror film, suspense movie or a psychological portrait of a woman overwhelmed with guilt, open to suggestion and believes she has a psychic connection to her twin.

As a horror film it did not work. Yes many thousands have commited suicide in this forest but many thousands committed suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge. Having the forest portrayed as one in which it causes folks to kill thenselves makes as much sense as saying the bridge causes it.


3. This should have been played more as a psychological study. Sarah felt overwhelming guilt her twin sisters saw her dead parents bodies but Sarah closed her eyes. The story she told Aiden about a drunk driver killing her parents made little sense. It would mean the driver struck one, paused struck the other. Oh they never caught the driver. Its obvious Sarah always knew that story was not true. She was also told not to go outside the path that spirits will drive her to hurt herself. Even a guide told her this and warned her over and over.

So when she saw maggots on her wrists, saw her sisters picture on Aidens phone. You realized she saw what she wanted to see. It made no sense Aiden would have a picture of her sister at the campsite.

The director seems like he wanted to create Aiden was a lethal bad guy. He was a creep but his actions contradicted him being a bad lethal guide. If he was a bad guy he would not have spent so much time on the radio.


4. Her sister Jess suffered from depression and anxiety yet she survived for days in the forest and seemed to only show fear at the end. I suspect it was the psychic connection to her twin Sarah. Jess seemed like she would have been far more open to the forest ghosts.

5. Worse there was an utter disrespect for the suicides in the forest. The ones hanging were seen as menacing not something that should have elicited sadness. One scene where the guide cut down a body it came across as picking an apple. Even at the place where bodies were stored waiting for pickup it seemed like a place where they scare tourists into beliieving forest was haunted. I cannot people working at the Golden Gate Bridge doing this. It did not come across as believable.

A movie about this forest could have been really interesting. There was an 1980s Jack Lemmon movie about a man whose son went missing in Central America during the 80s when there was a lot of guerilla activity. The film showed the culture and the political turmoil. If this movie played it straight about a woman looking for her sister and showed what the forest really was like and the culture and people working around it and skipped the ghosts it would have been better. The Lemmon movie should have been the inspiration. The Lemmon film was not a comedy. Cannot recall title, I want to say Missing.


A mess.