Does anyone else in GT watch The Fosters and want to talk about our feeeeeelings? It's not my usual jam but I am a sucker for teh gay and it's sweet in a hokey-after-school-special sort of way. But also frustrating with some of their storylines! But also sappy because I am a sucker for being emotionally manipulated by teevee!

Possible topics (aka SPOILERS):

  • the sudden, inexplicable "love" story between Callie and whatsisbutt-the-bio-son
  • WAT in the actual fuck are they doing with the trans dude character? I can't tell if it's poorly written, poorly acted, or both.
  • naked ladies in bed together! with definite sexytimes happening! and sweetness and love!
  • how realistic/unrealistic are their portrayals of the various aspects of the foster care system?