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The Four Most Desirable People in NYC, according to OKC

Rudder analyzed the data from a one-week period in January and used a simple methodology: finding the users who receive the most messages from potential suitors. The four people selected wouldn't necessarily claim to be the wealthiest, most stunning or successful singles, but, out of 400,000 annual citywide users on the site, they were among the top five in their respective categories and, perhaps less scientifically, were the four who were also willing to be interviewed for a story.

Source. Some choice quotes. The most popular girl user says

She thinks it helps that her profile reflects her idiosyncratic interest in astronomy: She has a moon and a planet tattooed on her knuckles; she quotes a physicist and links out to NASA.gov. "Even if an amazingly attractive girl said something stupid in their profile, she'll still get messages,


But Lauren said earlier about the messages she received

"It's mostly always about tattoos."

The resident dude:

dressed in a well-fitting H&M blazer with, yes, a skinny black tie and matching pocket square. James's profile is peppered with references to his travels in Nepal and China and self-deprecatingly confident jokes like: "Ryan Gosling could play my stunt double. That is, if I didn't already do my own stunts."

This is what he considers "tailoring messages" for each user

When he messages women on ­OKCupid­, it's time-consuming: He reads the profile and tailors each email with personal details. On Tinder, he basically tweaks the same message. "The last person I matched with was Allison," he says. If he were to send a message to Allison on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, it would read: Hey there Miss Allison. What kind of trouble did you get into this weekend? :) "That's exactly what I do, every fucking time," he says, laughing. For Wednesday: Hey there Miss Allison. What sort of trouble are you getting into this week? :) Thursday or Friday: What kind of trouble are you getting into this weekend? :) And if it's Saturday: What kind of trouble have you been getting into? :)


From the most popular lesbian/gay users that responded to this article

She gets an extra boost of incoming messages from straight guys who want to convert her and straight girls who want to try something different



Every profile has a SEND A MESSAGE button that's coded red ("replies very selectively"),yellow ("replies selectively"), or green ("replies often"). Tom's button was an embarrassing green.

"I felt I needed to come across as more exclusive," he says. "When you're a high-end brand, you're not going after everybody. You're going after select people, and when they don't perceive you as being exclusive, you lose."


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