Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, most of you are no doubt familiar with this by now. What you might not yet be familiar with is the wonderful, wonderful response on Twitter using the hashtag intended for people to give positive feedback: #PaulasBestDishes. My personal favorites from people who have taken over the feed with mockery:

"Loving v. Virginia Ham"
"The 3/5's Flan"
"Brownies v. Board of Education"
"Pineapple UppityNegro-side Down Cake"
"Strange Fruit Salad"
"Freshly Shucked (and Jived) Corn on the Cob"
"Kale and Kabbage Kasserole (KKK for short)"
"Separated But Equal Eggs" (this was Burt, actually)
"You Are Smart For a Black Forest Cake"

Ok, the last one was me. God, sometimes the Internet is WONDERFUL — like when someone says something stupid and racist and we have the framework to go right to their space and mock the shit out of them for it.


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