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The good old piss test. If you've ever had to submit to a drug test, you are most likely more than familiar with this thrilling process. For years Urinalysis has been the 'gold standard' when it comes to determining whether or not someone is clean or dirty, but a new technology is set to change the way drug testing is performed.


For Methadone patients, leaving a urine sample for drug testing is a common routine. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the process, let me give you a better idea of what the drug testing process entails, from the perspective of the patient. Currently, I report to the clinic once weekly to leave a urine sample for drug testing. In this particular clinic, they have a Nurses station set up in back corner of the room, next to which is two bathroom stalls. Patients report to the Nurse and are then given a container in which to deposit their sample. Then, you head on over to the bathroom stalls to get down to work. The stalls themselves have doors, which you close and lock behind you. Although not that this really matters much, because you are being recorded on a camera mounted on the ceiling above you throughout the entirety of the process. Smile & say cheese! Why exactly are they recording their patients trips to the loo? Isn't that a little bit invasive? The camera is there for a very good reason: to ensure samples are not tampered with or switched. It's much easier than you might think to sneak in a sample of clean urine, even with the cameras in place.

If I'm being completely honest, sample tampering is a very regular occurrence. One of the motivations for doing this is to maintain the privilege of earned carry home doses. To many patients who have had a decent amount of clean time or work full time jobs, these carries are very valuable. It allows the patient to have their daily drink of Methadone at up home, as opposed to having to report to the Clinic or pharmacy each and every day for the pharmacist to witness ingestion of the dose. While I have been clean for quite sometime, and have been offered carry home doses by my physician on several different occasions, I still personally prefer to take my dose at the pharmacy daily to ensure I'm not tempted to take more than the days dose. I myself have been asked on several occasions by acquaintances if they could have a sample of my clean urine to pass off as their own, afraid of losing their carry doses with a failed drug test. I have also spoken to several people who do this successfully on a regular basis, as daily pharmacy trips conflict with work schedules. With the emergence of a new drug testing technology, this practice of sample swapping could become a thing of the past relatively soon.

A new form of drug test is about to make its way into the market, and it's one that isn't so easily tampered with. This new technology doesn't rely on urinalysis to test for drugs; it uses the sweat from your fingertips! That's right - all they need is a touch of your fingertip! This ground breaking new technology from Intelligent Fingerprinting Limited relies simply on your fingerprint to produce accurate drug testing results, and it can be done in as little as ten minutes right there in the physicians office. Pretty impressive stuff.

"The technique detects drug metabolites rather than the drugs themselves, so a positive result indicates that the person being screened has taken the drug and not simply touched a contaminated surface" according to Intelligent Fingerprinting Limited.


Not does it ensure accurate results, but a single sample can currently be screened for Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Cannabis, Cocaine and Opiates. This technology is capable of screening the actual fingerprint itself as well, which means it can also be used to identify and confirm the test subject, making it much harder to beat and minimizes the chance of inaccuracies or mismatching results. Having the ability to confirm that a specific sample does in fact match the fingerprint and identity of a specific patient is a huge leap forward when it comes to preventing sample tampering

Intelligent Fingerprinting Limited has also made this new technology convenient, portable and easy to use. They've packed it all into a handheld device capable of performing this advanced new testing right before your eyes. Not only is it noninvasive, portable, and reliable, it can also be tailored to meet specific needs by allowing the user to custom calibrate drug detection cutoff levels. Quite the feat for something that fits in your hand.

This very well could be where the future of drug testing. As someone who has to submit to weekly urine testing, the idea of implementing this new fingerprint drug testing technology is highly convenient, not to mention making the process much more comfortable for the person submitting a sample. Patients who have experienced traumas such as rape, sexual assault, or PTSD sometimes have a very difficult time managing produce a urine sample while being recorded on camera, with several people hovering around right outside the door. It is not the most comfortable experience, but this new technology is extremely promising when it comes provides a much higher comfort level for the patient, and accurate results for the physician. On top of all that, it's also easier and more effective than dealing with conventional screening methods that involve the collection and disposal of bodily fluids such a urine or sweat.

So don't be surprised if next time you're require to submit to a drug test if they ask for your fingerprint instead of your pee!

For more information on this new technology and to view the source information for the article, visit http://www.intelligentfingerprinting.com

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