Today and tomorrow the Geekboy will be interviewing and I'm more nervous than he is. And of course I forgot to take my anti-anxiety meds so rambling to you guys is my new outlet.

Two separate jobs one today, and one tomorrow. He really needs a new job, he's been working for his ex father-in-law and he's been divorced for almost 3 years now. It's an interesting situation. There's another owner as well, and the Geekboy and her get along but she's so damn cheap he hasn't had a raise in years. Oh they will be in tears when he leaves and he will cackle triumphantly when they realize HE DOES EVERYTHING OF SUBSTANCE.

I know interviews don't mean jobs, but seriously we really need this to happen for him. We think his rent check bounced because of a small overdraft but the landlord hasn't called so we play the waiting game. Seriously we need some good thoughts if you can spare them.