Remember that OkCupid jerk? The guy who thought it was appropriate to propose we start seeing one another again (after he ended things over text message) with a technically unsolicited picture of his dick? Six months later, he's back.

After he bailed on me, he deleted his account. A few weeks ago, a guy looking very much like him popped up in my "Recent Visitors." It was a different profile picture and username, but if it wasn't him, it was his identical twin. I thought it might have been a mistake, but he kept visiting my profile several more times over the next couple weeks. And yesterday I got a message: "Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I love that [redacted] picture. You look really great. Hope all is well with you."

So I finally went to his profile to confirm that it's him, and yep, it is definitely the same guy.

Lol. Wut. This is just cracking me up. I love telling the original story because it is just the gift that keeps on giving: first he bails over text, then the dick pic, then the attempted ghosting, followed by an even more callous, textual dismissal. And now this! I kind of wanted to tell him that, yes, I do look fucking great and he will not be getting with any of that, because he's an idiot and a jerk.


But instead I blocked him. The high road feels pretty fucking good right now.