Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We opened gifts tonight. I had asked for books—a whole slew of them on Amazon—and a couple of people got me some books. One of them I already have, and two others that I'd sooner use to fix a wobbly table than read. I don't have the heart to tell either of the gifters how I feel. I hope they couldn't read the disappointment on my face, because they are both so sweet and thoughtful. (I don't think either of them had access to my list, and that's cool.) I'm hoping to exchange the one I already have (because I'm sure I was with her at the store when she bought it) and donate the others to Goodwill. I'm sure she won't mind. (They're the book-equivalent of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Goodwill seems like the right fit for them.) Anyone else having to put extra work into your "Thank you" faces? Anyone else genuinely sorry they can't enjoy the thoughtful gifts someone else has given them?

And of course tonight my brother got a power tool that all the other guys in the room were jealous of. Suddenly they were quoting 1990s Tim Allen.


Who knew that would hold up? Also, is it me, or is Tim Allen looking like Alan Rickman....?

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