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Ok, so I just google imaged 'scary doll' to help illustrate this story. I need to sit down for a bit.

*Ten minutes later* Here we go.

I was cleaning out theatrical storage this summer; the company I worked for rented space in the city armory's basement. We were moving out because the dust and the mold down there destroyed everything. It took a good three days, and we ended up leaving a ton of shit behind because the elevator wasn't working.


The first day, I was helping sort through shoes and hats and costume accessories in the old firing range. The lighting was dim, the old rigging was still in place, and stretched the length of the room into the darkness. You barely see anything in the back of the room, only a white blob. The Girl.

It was a doll that someone had attached to a board so that she stood upright. She was pale, with long black stringy hair, and dressed in white rags. She had no eyes, just empty sockets.

She looked, in short, just like the girl from The Ring:


Those three days, we kept making jokes about how The Girl was going to kill us all while we weren't looking. We joked about sticking her in an the backseat of an actress's car. We joked about putting her under the boss's desk. Several times she got moved around and hidden in a new shadowy corner. I slipped a creepy masquerade type mask on her at one point, hoping to make her scarier. It had the opposite effect. Anything that covered those blank eye sockets helped.

I always kept her in the corner of my eye, always checked to make sure that she hadn't moved. The third day, we stuck her in one of the old cells down there, where she watched us as we dragged out bags of costumes and prop pieces.


Then I came down one last time to check we hadn't left anything important behind. And The Girl was no longer where she had been. I freaked and bolted, and stepped into the sunshine, really happy that we were never going into that basement again.

I dunno if she's still down there. I really hope so. A) To freak any users of that space out in the future, and B) because if The Girl got out, I would be terrified and checking the shadowy corners all the time.



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