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Welcome To The Bitchery

Historical period piece + Strong female protagonist = Yes, please!

I’m watching a movie on Netflix about Queen Kristina of Sweden who was a intellectually curious progressive advocate for education, scientific and philosophical advancement, and also quite in love with her lady-in-waiting.


I’ve never heard much about Kristina, but I’m digging her so very, very much that I now want to learn more. As a film, there’s something a little off at times about The Girl King, but I was so intrigued to discover a portrait so unique from the type of characters we usually see on screen —queer women in historical politics!!!— that I had to share. The chemistry between the two lead actresses is enchanting, and the costumes are so chic and divine.

Oh, and brava to whoever recommended Warrior Women with Lucy Lawless. The Grace O’Malley chapter was my favorite, I’d love to see her get a movie too.

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