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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (sweaters)

Come tell us how your Christmas weekend was!

For me:

The good: I hosted my family’s Christmas dinner and it went well! Everyone liked the food, I timed everything perfectly, nobody fought or even got annoyed. It was as blissful as a family function can get.


Also, Homey is the best gift-giver ever! I got a cashmere sweater and a mini-mushroom farm. I told him, You know me so well! You know I’m a dirty hippie fancy lady! :) I’m stoked about my mushrooms!

The bad: My MiL’s cooking. We went to her house the next day and everything was prepackaged food, except the ham. Her potato dish was a bag of hash browns with a giant can of cream of mushroom soup poured over the top, heated in the crockpot. Dessert was Sara Lee stuff that she didn’t know she had to thaw (despite this same misstep happening at least twice before). I always know it’s going to be bad but somehow she tops the bad food each year.

Your turn, GT! What was good, bad, or ugly about your Christmas weekend?

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