Wow. I was NOT prepared at all for tonight's The Good Wife. Is it a desperate ploy for ratings or a brilliant move. Have I written enough so that the spoiler isn't in the top lines?


Will Garner is dead. They killed him off when the client he was defending grabbed a gun off the baliff and started shooting. You don't see it. Diane is in another courtroom and you hear four gunshots go off. And then Kalinda breaks into the courtroom as the client shoots off another couple rounds.

Then you just hear the clicking of an empty gun as the client tries to kill himself. Then we're at the hospital and Kalinda and Diane pull back a curtain to see Will - I think he was shot in the neck. And he's dead.

Totally not prepared. I LIKED Will as a character! Granted, this season was ok. I guess Josh Charles was in a contract dispute or something?


Here's a recap