Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I never thought anything would beat getting out of the grays until now, because...I have posting privileges!

Hi! Hello! Nice to officially meet all of you! I was told that there was a free buffet? Does anyone know where that is?

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So here are some things I like reading and writing about. Anyone else interested?

  1. STEM-y things. I majored in 2 STEM areas and I'm going into a 3rd. (This also includes bitching about the lack of a science editor on the MP.)
  2. My conservative mom and stepdad. I am currently living with them before I go off for more schooling and I feel like I am living inside of Fox News. For instance, when I was watching the first episode of Cosmos, my mom informed me that she didn't believe in NDT's "world-view" and she tried to defend the church during the part about the inquisition. Every time she says something truly ridiculous, I donate to a liberal politician she hates. So far Wendy Davis, Sandra Fluke, and Elizabeth Warren have gotten money.
  3. Books. I love YA lit and dystopian novels. My favorite authors are currently Jasper Fforde (hence my screen name), Rainbow Rowell, and Mary Roach.
  4. Crafty things. I knit and do other art-sy things. I love talking about the value of craft in the art world and the stereotypes regarding gender and crafts.
  5. Bachelor Nation. I am an avid viewer of the weekly marathon that is the bachelor(ette) (did you know each episode is TWO HOURS LONG) . Yes, you probably hate JP, but think of all the good talking about slut shaming we got to do because of him. Plus, this season introduced us to Kelly the "Dog Lover" who is a comedic genius and deserves her own talk show.
  6. The depiction of bisexuals and atheists (or, even better, bisexual atheists) in the media.

So does this mean I get to sit at the cool kid table now?

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