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The grape is gone...

.... the lump in my pit is now more like a pea and no longer painful. So progress right? However i've hit the stage where the antibiotics are kicking my ass more than the illness. It get's better right? Which also means i'm staying away from heavy topics and emotionally triggering posts. But i'm doling out stars galore!! (I figure that's safer than sticking my foot in my mouth, which is awkward to do on the interwebs)

To make myself feel better i just watch "My Cat From Hell- Crazy Portland Cat Edition" and it turns out that the poor feline has some sort of disease that causes pain so intense that the kitty takes it out on his owners. I also just finished watch "Too Cute" kitten edition. I needed a palate cleanser after the previous show. Now i'm contemplating knitting while watching something mindless like the Vanilla Ice renovation show. I wish i could drink but i've been given strict orders against it :( So peanut butter and chocolate something it is!!! :)

So how are you wasting your life...er day?

Here's some goofy gifs for your evening :)


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