There are a number of people posting daily “gratitude” comments on FB and elsewhere. And then they tag me in to participate. No, I say. No.

In the first place, I don’t understand why people can’t personally thank others without it becoming a public spectacle. You’re grateful that your perfect husband made dinner? Don’t you live with him? Is it not enough to turn and say “thank you for making this delicious meal!”

Secondly, it makes some people feel awful. One friend posted that she was grateful to get together at some restaurant with five friends. Another friend emailed me because she was so hurt that she wasn’t invited. I don’t think that’s how gratitude is supposed to work.

Finally, the holidays are hard for a lot of people. I’m not married or have a partner. I don’t have kids. It’s a very lonely time, with constant reminders everywhere about what I’m “supposed” to have. It is what it is. I’ll be fine. But all these comments telling me to feel grateful make me feel... defensive? awkward?

There are definitely things and people that I’m grateful for. It simply feels uncomfortable to humblebrag it to several hundred people who don’t give a crap that I’m grateful that I finally figured out where my cat threw up the other day without actually stepping in it. There ya go.