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The Great American Open Road...

I am on it, and it is boring. I wasn't supposed to make this trip for another two weeks, but my circumstances changed and I find myself heading back to the East Coast from Colorado With only a day and a half or so to prepare myself. I finally started to settle into my road rhythm, but I didn't sleep very well last night, so the first several hours were brutal. I've been on the road for 12 hours now but it only made about 9 hours worth of progress. Not to mention, but it was gray and drizzly and not very romantic for the entire day's drive.

I've done this drive so many times now, but it's almost like a commute. I find myself stopping at the same rest stops, by chance, that I have stopped at before.

Well, onward I go. If I can squeeze in another five hours before I go to sleep I'll head halfway and hopefully I'll be able to make it home sometime tomorrow night or early Wednesday morning.

See you guys the next rest stop.


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