Is anyone else watching the Great British Baking Show (aka the Great British Bake Off) on PBS? Last night they showed the infamous "Bingate" episode...

I must say I am LOVING this show. American cooking contests are so mean and give me so much anxiety. I mean, compare something like Cuttroat Kitchen to the GBBO. The GBBO is in a delightful field, every so often there's a shot of a gamboling lamb, the contests have a cuppa while waiting for their sponge to bake. The contestants are friendly and the judges always have a nice thing to say about even the most failed dish. It's just lovely. I think that's why Bingate is so shocking.


Poor fucking Iain, man. I know he shouldn't have lost his temper like that, but I can't blame him. Why did Nancy and Diana move his baked Alaska from the fridge?! It would have taken them two fucking seconds to let him know it was in the wrong fridge. They could have shouted "HEY IAIN, COME GET YOUR CAKE!" Instead, they pulled it out and put it on the table and left it there. It was ice cream. It melted. His entire cake was ruined. No wonder he was upset!

I'm not sure it's out and out sabotage, but it's certainly unsportsmanlike behavior. I do think Diana and Nancy are to blame. It was a dick move. There isn't even any MONEY riding on winning! Why would you do this to someone else?

While reading about the scandal, I accidentally got spoiled and saw who won the entire show and I'm not happy. Why do I have such intense feelings about a quaint little British cooking show? Goddamn.


I hope Iain comes back for another season. He needs a shot at redemption.