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The Great Depression

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So I got posting privileges a few weeks ago and I've mostly been hanging out and commenting. I didn't necessarily feel like I had anything compelling to post. I wish I had posted before tonight so that my first post wasn't asking for advice, but here we are. Let's try and come to terms with it together.


I'm depressed. I've been depressed, on and off, for the last 20 years. I started therapy at the age of 6 and anti-depressants at 13. I've been diagnosed with major depression, recurrent. I'm now 33 and experiencing the major depression once again. I'm also currently without insurance, despite working a full-time job. And I can't find help. I know what works for me-CBT and Prozac. I can't find anyone that will prescribe me Prozac unless I'm a patient, and they won't accept me as a patient because I don't have insurance. I'm having trouble finding a therapist that does CBT and has night hours and a sliding scale. I've made a series of poor life decisions due to depression and now I can't access the help I need for depression due to the poor life decisions I've made due to depression.

Any ideas? I've called local clinics, but I don't qualify for services because I fall above the poverty line. Here's what I know: being depressed is not for the weak.

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