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Welcome To The Bitchery

The Great Divide

I’ve seen this fight nearly tear apart long term relationships and best friendships. It seems to cleave us apart along class and geographic lines, but not perfectly. Let’s start a Christmas Light Fight!

Are you team Multicolored Lights? Are you Team White Lights?*

My friend and her nesrly-fiance just discovered they’re a cross-christmas light relationship and decorating our group house’s christmas tree was way more emotionally intense than anyone expected, with them basically hashing out their future holidays and family traditions. My boyfriend is team Multicolored, and I’m Team Classic White, but luckily he doesn’t care nearly as much as I do.


I think white lights are elegant, romantic, and let you actually see the tree and the ornaments! It’s like candles! I also like 1950/ christmas music and choral classics, so, that seems consistent for me.

What about you? How have you dealt with this divide in your family?

*jokes redacted

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