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The Great Duggar Re-Watch S1 E1

So I've never done this before so you have to be nice. Snacktastic's recaps of the current season of 19 Kids and Counting sent me down a Duggar rabbit hole on Netflix. I'm really not coming from a place of maliciousness, but of friendly snarkiness. I also really want to see a Duggar rebel.

So we go back to the beginning when it was only 17 Kids and Counting. The Duggars if you're not familiar (also are you okay? have you been in a coma?) are a very large, very religious family in Arkansas who home-school their children and have left their family-planning to Jesus. Combined with

"Big Family meets Big Apple"

It begins with a kid narrating the highlights from the episode, and all of a sudden I'm having "John & Kate Plus 8" flashbacks. I find it interesting that it's Michelle introducing the show and the kids, it seems like with their traditional female/male roles Michelle being the center is an interesting choice. Though Jim-Bob is her "wonderful husband", with immovable hair that Barbie's boyfriend Ken would envy. The children are Josh, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, and Jennifer. I've always been impressed they held out till Baby 17 to pull out Jennifer.


So we open with Jim Bob and Michelle watching Baby Jennifer swing and Michelle just found out she's having Baby 18. Everyone's packing to go to New York and currently Jinger is in charge of laundry and Jessa is in charge of packing. While the little boys are climbing in and out of suitcases. Michelle says they rotate laundry duty, however I'm going to bet negative dollars in my checking account by rotating she means the girls take turns.

Oh heavens singing Duggars in the car on the way to the airport, I forgot how much hymn singing there is. They really want to be the Von Trapp's, that was the dream. They had to settle for reality-tv stars. Oh God, Michelle is passing out Drammine because most of them have motion-sickness. She says they took a plane trip and everyone got sick once. I was motion sickness kid, and it was terrible with just me. That many children getting sick is just an out-of control amount of puke. I just wouldn't leave the house rather than risk it. We'd be a large brood of shut-ins.

Scandal: Jana did not have her ID ready to show the TSA agent. I notice that they have to do head-counts, and I could have sworn they lost a kid in the episode but I must be thinking of another trip. They seemed surprise that in New York the town car driver would have a New York accent. What perchance were they expecting? Also they give him a postcard of their family's picture that they keep on the ready. They'll do that whenever they talk to someone whether it's an attendant or just someone who recognizes them on the street. I'm totally going to do that with picture of me and my cats. I hope they don't think that counts as a tip though.

After doing the obligatory look at the big city, how are there no trees, modern life is crazy montage. They go to Central Park which actually makes sense in my opinion. You have a ton of little kids that had to sit still all day, let them run around and expend some energy. Michelle calms down one of the little girls when she's having a toddler meltdown. The other kids talk about how awesome she is. Come on TLC I can't snark that little kids love their mom.


I'm really excited to see the Duggars not only get pizza in NY but eat at a little local place rather than something touristy. I notice that babies and littlest of kids get passed from person-to-person like it's no big deal. Almost like their just accessories. Michelle is waiting outside because she's having pregnancy-sickness. No lie it's probably the only chance this woman gets to be by herself EVER. I would totally be faking it, just to get out of lunch duty.

After that they start piling in cabs to get to Times Square. To Be Continued.

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