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The Great GT Christmas Movie Face-Off: FINAL ROUND

This is it, Groupthink. Round four is over, and though our semifinalists all fought valiantly, it's come down to the match I think we all knew, in our heart of hearts, we would end up with. (Unless you're still stuck on Die Hard not getting out of Round 1, in which case you should really get a life.) See the updated post for detailed results, then go on to vote in the final.


In one corner, we have The Muppet Christmas Carol: relatively new to the scene, but a classic in the hearts of many. Filled with brilliant cameos from our favorite Muppets and narrated by none other than Gonzo himself (with help from Rizzo the Rat), it's a charming and entertaining take on a classic Christmas story. The finale makes me tear up every time I hear it.

In the other corner, a Dr. Seuss classic that's still going strong after almost half a century. How the Grinch Stole Christmas teaches us that Christmas is about being with the ones you love, not about the stuff you buy from a store. (Also not about Jesus, for that matter.) Boris Karloff's narration stays true to the book, unlike the god-awful 2000 version with Jim Carrey.

So there you have your finalists, Groupthink! Voting will close around 3pm EST tomorrow. I suggest that after you vote, you go watch them both anyway because they're both perfect.

As a thank you—or as a consolation prize for having to make this decision—I give you this Grinch Santa Cat.


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