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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hello, and welcome to the first round of The Great GT Christmas Movie Face-Off! I'm your host, Bonnet, and I'll be guiding you this week as we attempt to determine, once and for all, the best Christmas movie of all time.

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Above, you will see our 32 contenders, assuming Kinja doesn't fuck it up. A mix of new favorites, old classics, and "what the heck is that doing there" wildcards, it's sure to be a tough race. The films have been split into "modern" and "classic" based on the year they came out and seeded using a highly scientific method that is in no way based on my personal feelings about them and/or how cool the cover looked.

We'll split the first round into two, with the modern films going tonight and their classic counterparts tomorrow. You can vote in all the matches below or only those you choose, but vote now! This survey will remain open until 5 PM EST tomorrow. Feel free to argue for your picks and/or criticize my choices in the comments. Santa Cat thanks you for your input.

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UPDATE: Results are in! A whopping 390 people voted in this round.

Match 1: In the most-voted-on match of this round (with only 4 skips), The Muppet Christmas Carol solidly bested its opponent. I can only assume that the 43 of you who voted for the live-action Grinch just hate joy. Final results:

The Muppet Christmas Carol: 343 votes (89%)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas: 43 votes (11%)


Match 2: As expected, the story of Christmas magic came out ahead of the straight-to-VHS Disney film about emotional abuse. Miracle on 34th Street had this one in the bag. Final results:

Miracle on 34th Street (1994 version): 266 votes (74%)
Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas: 94 votes (26%)


Match 3: The oddball matchup, this was the most-skipped contest. It's also the one that breaks my heart the most, as the Drew Barrymore-voiced Jack Russell terrier with a heart of gold lost out to the least-Christmassy movie in the bracket. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Final results:

While You Were Sleeping: 202 votes (58%)
Olive the Other Reindeer: 144 votes (42%)


Match 4: Y'all like your com free of rom, apparently, because The Holiday (also known as "that other Christmas rom-com that isn't Love Actually") didn't stand a chance. Final results:

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: 265 votes (72%)
The Holiday: 103 votes (28%)


Match 5: Several of you mentioned that this was a hard choice, but GT has very strong opinions on Elf. Sorry, Bad Santa. Maybe next year. Final results:

Elf: 298 votes (80%)
Bad Santa: 76 votes (20%)

Match 6: In the battle of the 90s kids' classics, I would have predicted a slightly closer race, but you all know what you want. And "what you want" is not Tim Allen. Final results:

Home Alone: 262 votes (70%)
The Santa Clause: 114 votes (30%)

Match 7: I don't know if you really love Tim Burton or if you just really hate Tom Hanks and his uncanny valley-filled bastardization of a beloved children's book, but this was the second-biggest gap between any two opponents. Final results:

The Nightmare Before Christmas: 327 votes (85%)
The Polar Express: 56 votes (15%)


Match 8: Somewhat surprisingly (given that Little Women almost didn't even make the tournament), this was one of the closest matches of all the modern films. In the end, though, Love Actually's strong popular support would not be denied. Final results:

Love Actually: 220 votes (59%)
Little Women: 150 votes (41%

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