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The Great GT Christmas Movie Face-Off: Round 3

Things are getting heated up in here. Ubertrout has already threatened to purge GT of everyone who voted for Charlie Brown in round 1, and now that we're down to the top 8 I suspect things are only going to get worse. Check out the updated round 2 post for detailed results—including one very close race—and then cast your vote below! Round 3 will stay open at least until 3pm EST tomorrow, but since it's a weekend I may extend the voting period if initial voter turnout is low.


Santa Cat is busy right now, but my sister's giant surly elf cat... actually, he doesn't really care whether or not you vote. But he's kind of an asshole so you should vote anyway.

UPDATE: Results are in! 247 people voted in this round.

Match 1: The Muppets continue to move unobstructed toward the finals, destroying anything and everything in their path. Probably while singing a catchy song. Final results:

The Muppet Christmas Carol: 169 votes (75%)
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: 71 votes (25%)


Match 2: Is Nightmare a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Yes. Final results:

The Nightmare Before Christmas: 153 votes (63%)
Elf: 90 votes (37%)

Match 3: Look at that point spread, Rudolph. Ever think maybe this is why no one wants to play games with you? Final results:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966 animated version): 189 votes (78%)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: 52 votes (22%)


Match 4: I don't have any witty commentary here. It's A Wonderful Life is super dark and A Christmas Story annoys the hell out of me. Final results:

A Christmas Story: 161 votes (69%)
It's A Wonderful Life: 74 votes (31%)

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