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The Great GT Christmas Movie Face-Off: Round 4 [UPDATED WITH RESULTS]

Round 3 is finished, and we're down to our Final Four! Though our eliminated contestants were all popular, these four emerged as surprisingly clear victors. (See the updated post for the detailed results.)


For our semifinal, we're ticking all the movie demographic boxes: we've got Muppets, claymation, animation, and plain ol' live-action. Cast your vote below, and then take it down to the comments to argue about whether or not A Christmas Story sucks. Once again, the polls will remain open until 3pm EST tomorrow, unless I deem otherwise necessary.

May the power of Santa Cat(s) be with you.

UPDATE: Results are in! 258 people voted in this round.

Match 1: For the first time, the Muppets came up against a real challenger. Though it was a closer match than usual, our furry friends still prevailed and will, as many of us predicted from the start, go on to the final round. Final results:

The Muppet Christmas Carol: 142 votes (57%)
The Nightmare Before Christmas: 108 votes (43%)


Match 2: Unlike the Muppets, the Grinch's winning streak was hardly even in doubt this round. Sucks to suck, Ralphie. Final results:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966 animated version): 155 votes (63%)
A Christmas Story: 93 votes (37%)

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