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The Great Idaho Beaver Drop

No.. it's not what you think it is, pull your minds out of the gutters people!!

According to Boise State Public Radio people moved to be closer to nature and all that in order to be disturbed by the nearby beavers who were just there doing beaverly things and wanted them removed from their native habitats. So a smart fellow by the name of Elmo Heter figured out that best way to move these annoying critters was to parachute them into a random, inaccessible part of Idaho called "Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area"

Here's where it gets good... i'll let the journalists take it from here, oh and it's worth it to listen to the story :)

So Heter came up with a specially-designed wooden box that would open upon impact. He tested it first with some dummy weights. Then he found an older male beaver who became his test pilot. Heter named him Geronimo. "And Geronimo went through a series of tests to see how this plan would work," says Liebenthal.

Heter dropped Geronimo on a landing field, over and over and over again. Each time, Geronimo popped out of the box, was caught by handlers, and put back inside for another ride.

Poor fellow! He finally became resigned, and as soon as we approached him, would crawl back into his box ready to go aloft again -Transplanting Beavers, a report by Elmo W. Heter in the Journal of Wildlife Management.

Once Heter was satisfied, it was time to put his plan into action. And Geronimo's reward for all his hard work was to be the first male beaver on a first class seat on a plane to the Chamberlain Basin. "He was sent to his own little piece of paradise, with three lovely young beavers," says Liebenthal. Three lovely female beavers.

Once they hit the ground, it took Geronimo a little while to figure out his parachuting days were over, but he soon created a colony with his lady friends.


At least he got lucky once he got to beaver paradise??

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