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The Great List of Things I Can't Do Because I Only Have Daughters

This article has been making its way around my facebook, and I have to admit I rather like it. It is written from the perspective of a father with two daughters, and people keep asking him "surely you'd like a boy as well". So, he made a list of things he can't do without a son. It consists of "

1. Get peed on by a penis while changing a diaper.

2. Say, "Hi son, how did you sleep?" without causing confusion."

He then continued the list with

"3. Play baseball. I CAN DO THAT.

4. Play hockey. I CAN DO THAT TOO.

5. Sit on the couch watching Spider-Man cartoons. I'VE DONE THIS EIGHT TIMES ALREADY.

6. Wear blue clothes. BLUE IS OUR FAVORITE COLOR.

7. Be happier than I've ever been in my life. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW.

8. Buy toys from the blue section of a toy store. WE'RE VERY SNEAKY.

9. Play with toy cars. PLANES TOO!

10. Raise someone I can consider my friend and one day have a beer with. CAN'T WAIT."


I really like the message there, that having daughters instead of sons doesn't reduce any of the cool things he can do, because girls can do all those too, and he did a great job of presenting it. But I also think it is great that he briefly mentioned or implied that his daughters sometimes wear dresses and play with "girl" toys too. It seems like so many people think that you have to never let their daughters see a dress, the color pink, make-up, or dolls. And, I know I don't have to tell you guys why that is a problem.

But, it brought up a question for me. I started wondering if this father would feel the same way if he'd had two sons and people kept asking him if he wouldn't surely like a girl as well. Would he still be proudly saying that if he had only sons, he could "still play with a toy kitchen, wear pink clothes, do ballet, get toys from the pink section of the toy store"? And, would that article be gaining the widespread praise this is getting?

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