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The Great Yogurt War of Aught 13 Wages On

Gentle Users of Groupthink,

As I have two x chromosomes, I am well versed in yogurts. But particularly Greek yogurt. It is my standard fare for breakfast foods in the morning. I find it both delicious and filling, particularly when paired with some fresh fruit!

Normally I am a staunch defender of all that is good and right in this world: Fage. Especially with the strawberries. I'll eat that shiz all day long.


I have found it to be the clearly superior victor in the Greek yogurt wars, of which Yoplait eventually had to jump on the bandwagon of, though it's made from the tears of orphaned children.

HOWEVER. Today, I experienced a complete overhaul of things I knew to be true and just. In some ways, a treachery. In others, a revelation. I tried a Chobani Flip - White Chocolate and Graham Crackers.


Oh Mylanta it was so delicious! I now intend on eating each and every one of these delicious concoctions.

What are your thoughts on this great Greek goodness war? Should I be branded as a traitor for swapping sides? My whole life is upside down. What other thoughtless decisions have I made???


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