Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I was on the MP and there's a quick article about some Circus performers getting hurt. Scary all around right? People who dedicate themselves to a profession injured, who knows how many children sent home with nightmares.

The lead comment is saying that they deserve it because of animal abuse exists in the circus. Really? That's like Westboro Baptist level leaps of logic. Something bad happened because they were connected to an organization you don't agree with. A tornado hits an area and its because the gays can get married.


You know those are people right? The people who are injured, possibly forever, possibly disabled they're lives and livelihood forever altered. It's fantastic for page-views and click bait to highlight these comments. But if decent, thoughtful people stop reading your page that leaves you with the people who think The Onion is publishing in earnest. Now if that's your target demographic well done. If not you might want a new plan.

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