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The Grocery Store: Where I go to get sexually harassed

Something bizarre happens in the grocery store. It begins the minute I make my way through the parking lot and toward the entrance. Men in cars begin to beep, whistle, or in some cases yell things like "damn girl!". Once I am in the store I am leered at, followed, and purposely made to feel uncomfortable.

Last week I was subjected to the super sexy teeth sucking of 2 grown men as I shopped for orange juice. The teeth sucking was, of course, accompanied by the very obvious undressing of me with their eyes. It was awesome. Really! I almost came. And then a man stocking Coca Cola tried to look up my skirt.

Yesterday was just as wonderful. A middle aged man followed me around, gawking at me and barely even trying to make it seem as if it were a coincidence that we kept ending up in the same aisle as one another over and over again. And this, sadly, is not a new occurrence. This type of shit happens to me nearly every single time I try to buy food.


What is WITH the grocery store?! What about this place makes men turn into raging hornballs with no tact or respect for women? I go to bars and don't get even a fraction of this much harassment. Does this happen to you guys too? It's really odd...and uncomfortable. I'm starting to really fucking hate food shopping. I have to like psyche myself up for it and put on my bitch face and give myself a pep talk. I shouldn't have to do that shit!

I'm completely terrified to go there by myself after dark. There have been nights where I thought "Oh, I should just go tonight and get it over with. Plus I need milk for my coffee in the morning...oh...wait...nope. Might get assaulted in the parking lot! Shit!"

I've started considering asking a guy friend to come with me but that's a shitty and sexist way to think and it'd be pretty inconvenient to have to do that all the time anyway. But dammit, I wish I had a boyfriend to take with me! At least that would cut the creepiness down by a lot...I think? Again, a shitty way to think. But I still feel that way :(

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