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The Grudge

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Them of you what like crazy true crime stories should get a load of this one out of Pennsylvania. On Friday night around 10 PM, John and Roberta Frew were chilling in their home with their adult son. Over twenty years ago, they had a falling out with their daughter Josephine where she trashed the place, stole some stuff and took off with a boyfriend. After that, "more or less, they disowned her," and from that point, she nursed "a hatred toward the family." These many years later, she and her husband Jeffrey park at the end of the long driveway and walk up to the house carrying a sawed-off shotgun and a couple of pistols.


Opening the door in response to a knock, Roberta is killed immediately by a point blank shotgun blast from her daughter, and her son is shot multiple times and killed by the partner in crime. Meanwhile, John Frew grabs his own pistol and returns fire, killing Josephine and Jeffrey. Only afterwards does he realize that one of his assailants is the estranged daughter he hasn't seen in years. In the car, the police find spare ammo, a can of gas, and a bottle of lighter fluid.

What a wild story. It might even be true! I usually think that the simplest explanation is also the likeliest, so maybe things really did go down exactly as described. Anyways, totally inexplicable murderous attacks out of the blue are a good reason to always, always carry a weapon at all times, so let's all go lock and load.

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