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The GT Environment Isn't Like the Rest of the Internet

I haven't had GroupThink posting privileges for very long, but I wanted to say that I really like this environment.

Don't get me wrong. Y'all have your pedantic shitheads, logistical gymnasts, and the occasional raging MRA, but they don't bother me.


I've been involved in several internet communities over the years, but none of them have truly made me think about things the way you guys have. Sure there have been times I've hated on people who I thought intentionally missed my points, got ragey at some of the personal attacks, and rolled my eyes so many times I can't believe they didn't fall out of my head.

But many times I've thought about comments I've read here when I was driving or in the shower or just bored. You guys really made me re-examine ideas I'd held for years.

The most memorable discussion, which I wish I could find, was the one about why nearly all Catholic women remain devote yet engage in premarital sex and use birth control. I had been asking that question at happy hours and cocktail parties for years, but never once did I get substantive answers until I participated in this environment.

Anyway, while I might hate and pick on a lot of you, I keep coming back because you all have lots to say.


Thanks for not sucking!

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