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UPDATE, Game over! The Guest Room: Hidden Object Reality Game

This is not just a potential first for Squalor Manor Games, but a real room in my house. Feel free to turn it into a hidden object game BUT get your gametime in fast! This game will self-destruct in mere hours, because "The Guest Room," formerly known as Son's Room, will update to an actual habitable area... Because son is coming home from the Navy for a bit! (I'm excited and kind of annoyed at once - he's coming home because he mentioned Daughter's situation to his CO and BAM, pulled out and rolled back into a later class to make sure he's 100% for the final push of classes he's in. It's clearly a good idea, but at the same time, Son had about a month until he graduated this part of school, so it's a bummer.)


Anyway, I look forward to adding a big shiny UPDATE later... but if no one hears from me, send help.

Update-ish: Sweet vintage electronics everywhere! Need a Blackberry for that period Wall Street piece you're working on? A spiffy HUMONGOUS monitor, dust and stickers included at no extra charge? Every possible charger/computer or printer cord that's ever been produced? I'm your gal! And I didn't even KNOW I was a hoarder! Fun!


I am SO TIRED. But looooook. I unfucked the squalor! (And can't find the other pillowcase.. so might have to buy more sheets. But anyway. Oof. I do not recommend having a "junk room" instead of just a few dedicated junk drawers.)

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