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The Handmaid's Tale Graphic Novel!!!

I read this fabulous article this morning, which you should also read because Margaret Atwood is a Canadian national treasure, but the most important thing I gleaned from it, was Margaret Atwood stating publicly that there was a graphic novel in the works for The Handmaid's Tale!!!

'I'm working on a novel adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest, and another version of The Handmaid's Tale,' she says. 'It's been a film, an opera, a ballet, and now it's turning into a graphic novel.'


Some of you may remember this book from your nightmares, or your women's studies class in school. Either way, let's celebrate!!!

I honestly can't wait for this. All of the vivid colors and imagery she put into this story are really going to shine. I wasn't crazy about the movie adaptation, so let's see what the artistic team at (UNDISCLOSED COMPANY) can come up with!

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