Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Happiest Day of My Life!

Today I got a box from amazon, and it contained treasures untold, how many wonders can one shipment hold? I most definitely the girl...the girl who has EVERYTHING!

My thrilling loot:

Truly, my life is magical beyond belief. I can kill roaches AND play a game in which I am Elizabeth Bennet, I have a battleaxe, and I shout (as per the game rules) “and my axe!” as I chop up zombies and win the love of a rich dude!


On a killing-related note, anyone have any experience or tips using boric acid powder to kill pests? Today I just used the stuff in the syringe, but the internet tells me I just mix boric acid with karo and flour and boom—roaches eat it and die. I have had those plastic bait poison things around for ages and they seem to do no good. Either I didn’t pick great spots for them (I followed all the tips on where to squirt the gel so that’s good) or the roaches KNOW and are too smart to eat the poison. I am hoping that the gel blobs will be more tempting to them, and not set off any “oh shit this is defs poison” roachy alarm bells in their tiny little heads.

I’ve read that certain roaches have evolved to associate glucose with poison (or at least, the ones that had a genetic predisposition to thinking glucose is yucky weren’t being killed off like the others were), and so some bait poisons might be less effective now? Does this mean I should mix the boric acid powder with some other substance, like oil or whatever? Thanks in advance to anyone with tips!

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