Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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[Jumps up onto the counter]

[Eyes the steaming behemoth that has just exited the oven]

[Rips off the turkey's tail, devours it.]

[Finds a DOG to throw them at. Throws the bones at the DOG.]

[Painstakingly rips off all the skin, laying it flat on the counter]

[Looks around to make she won't be caught]

[Using precise movements of her razor sharp claws, neatly removes the wings, laying them in the center of the skin]


[Swipes pawfuls of stuffing and cranberrys and masht topatos, adds them to her bundle of wings]

[Laps up some gravy from the gravy boat]

[Wraps up her spoils in the turkey skin and gallops away to a secret hiding place]



[Waddles over to the table to beg for scraps using FELINE WILES and BIG KITTY EYES]


[Smugly washes her face]

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