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The high heels debate: or, why fashion is all about evolution

From my email today: someone was an idiot, and Refinery29 (come for the makeup tips, stay for the feminism!) responded wonderfully.


What's chic, what's in and what's out, should be predicted by evolutionary theory. Otherwise it will be judged by history as just a passing phase....

As women normally walk differently from men, high heels may help exaggerate the particularly feminine aspects of gait. What these shoes do is make women walk even more like women.


Refinery29's Neha Gandhi:

Um, what? I don't put my shoes on solely for the purpose of arousing sexual interest in males. This article suggests that "if wearing high heels makes women more attractive, allowing them to be more choosy over a larger number of higher quality males competing for their attention, this could explain the evolutionary advantages of this fashion statement." But that feels incomplete — and not particularly inclusive for tomboys, lesbians, and anyone else who isn't getting dressed with the intention of attracting the attention of a traditional man.

Read the original piece for some ridiculousness (it gets better toward the end, and then it gets worse again), and then the response for a wonderful defense of doing whatever you damn well please.

Also, someday I would like to be a "very powerful, competent, stylish" professional who wears "voluminous dresses and flats on an almost-daily basis". Because that woman sounds awesome.

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