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The highlight of my week was a doozie.

As I mentioned the other night in a post that I've since deleted because of reasons, my department at the TV station had a rare all-staff meeting this week. I had been dreading going to the meeting mostly because it would be during my dinner break and thus I'd be stuck at the station for about 9 hours straight (and my tolerance of my coworkers has a time limit of about 5.5 hours). Anyway, my anxiety was apparently well-founded because it was at the meeting that it was announced someone else was taking over the position I've been comfortably ensconced at for almost the last three months. I had no clue prior to the meeting that I would be shifted somewhere else, and I felt really awkward (and let's face it, it was probably pretty obvious on my face) because I would have preferred to have learned that in private and/or beforehand. I was pretty upset for the rest of the night.

Yesterday morning I sent an email to my manager to ask if he knew about what I'd be doing next and to tell him about how awkward I felt at the meeting. He replied rather promptly and said he had no idea I didn't know I'd be doing something else and that he felt really bad. I totally believed what he said, and I felt rather satisfied with his response and went on with my day. My manager totally surprised me when I got to work in the afternoon and he took me aside in private to apologize to my face for the miscommunication. He said something similar has happened to him before at the station, and he knows how shitty it feels to be out of the loop, and that what happened was NOT cool. He really didn't need to apologize to me in person, so talk about an ego boost.


But wait, there's more! My manager has a manager, and both of them are my bosses technically. The head manager found out about what happened, and he apologized to me as well. That felt REALLY good. The head production manager is a good ol' boy engineer — he's the one who for a while kept telling me to smile more whenever he ran into me — so I loved having him basically eating out of my hand.

As far as I can tell, the original miscommunication came about because the head manager and secondary manager both thought the other was going to tell me about the position shift when in reality neither of them did. I think it was an honest mistake, and I understand if both of them forgot — we're going through a major buyout right now and the station management has been collectively running around like a chicken with its head cut off for the last few months. Anyway, to be honest I don't really care what I do at the station — I'd very much like to expand my skill set — it's just that some positions don't have as many hours as others, and I really don't want my hours cut (I also talked to my manager about that and he said he will do his best to keep my hours at an agreed upon amount). Also, I've been laid off/demoted so many times at other places that any mention of being moved to a different position sets off the alarm bells in my head.

tl;dr — my managers inadvertently made me feel like shit in front of my coworkers, but they apologized profusely when I told them what had happened. Feels good, man.

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