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The history of wiki-peens and wiki-vag

Just stumbled onto this bizarrely interesting article on Slate about the history of the penis and vagina articles on wikipedia. It makes some really good points about how the scope of the vagina article is much more limited in comparison to the penis, most likely because very few wiki editors and contributors are female.

Also, they talk to one of the guys who has his penis up on the wikipedia page. The poor journalist went through a lot of trouble to correctly identify the owner of the penis. Apparently penis-dude is a very prolific-penis-poster (a schlong-selfie-czar, if you will) and is understandably very proud of himself:

"I'm very excited of the possibility to show my penis everywhere in the world, everyone can see it. … My penis is the fourth when you search penis on google images."

You can read the full article here.

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