Today I noticed that our local bulk food store is divesting itself of its supply of character cake pans. They are selling them off for 99 cents each.

We have a friend who has a small business on the side of making cakes for people, and we thought she might possibly be interested in some of them, so I took a bunch of pictures and posted them to Facebook.

ABiL responded by saying his daughter would love about six of them, listing them off.

Dude! Have you thought about this? You are going to be making your kid one of these cakes, maybe once a year. You live in a townhouse with an overstuffed kitchen and a basement with piles of crap taller than me. Do you really have the space for 6 cake pans that it will take until your kid is 10 to actually use them all?

Update: I replied to him on Facebook, saying

“But then you would have to store 1/2 a dozen cake pans.

I put these up here because Tagged_Friend has a cake making business on the side.”


He responded by saying he has a storage locker (Yes, I know, we helped you move your crap into it, when you loudly and repeatedly insisted you were only getting it for one month, eight months ago.) and then started listing more pans that his wife wants for her birthday present.

That his wife can’t ask me for directly, because she de-friended me in a fit of pique on Facebook.


Also this ignores the fact that I put the cake pans up on Facebook for someone else to pick from in the first place.