Inspired by Princess Fluffybutt's post about makeup removal, I thought I would share with you lovely people my makeup removal tool of choice:

Behold! The Magic Mitt, by Jane Iredale*! Or, as it is referred to around my humble abode, the Holy Shit Mitt.

This thing requires no soap, so if you're like me and endlessly trying and failing to be "all natural" it is amazing. It also removes that stubborn waterproof makeup (which, again, if you're like me and prone to daily tears, is a huge plus), and supposedly leaves some magical layer on your skin that other things strip off, so you will glow like Beyonce forever! It is only $15, which is the equivalent of 2 bottles of Neutrogena makeup remover stuff. And it lasts forever.


Also, if you're a sucker for packaging, it arrives wrapped in pretty pink tissue with a little silver sticker holding down a sprig of lavender. Ahhhhhhhh. This is the life!

*This Is Not a Sponsored Post. But it should be! I sell the heck out of this item, buy it for all of my friends and family, and endorse it at every turn. I should basically get a sandwich board.