...has anyone watched this? Confession: I have a very short attention span for watching movies/TV shows (unless I’m with someone else who is watching it with me). Therefore, I’m very bad at binge-watching shows and often stop a show/movie every like 10 minutes to do something else. It took me a month to finish the new season of OINTB. However, I started watching The Honourable Woman last night and finished 3 episodes (which is a lot for me, like I said with the short-attention span) and am planning to watch another tonight. It’s so good. For anyone who has watched: does it continue to be good till the end of the season? (Please say yes.) I’m really digging it so far. Like, I’ve read that people think it’s slow or boring, but I haven’t been bored yet and find even the slower moments to be, well, not slow. And I enjoy the acting very much.