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There is a waterbug in my house. When I saw it, it was on its back and motionless and I thought my cats had killed it - and I was thinking, ick but yay! So I covered it with a plastic container and I was scooching it over onto the dustpan when it woke up and began running around under there, so of course I started screaming and put a can of tomatoes on top of the container so that it can't knock it over and get out (and so the cats can't uncover it to play with later). On the one hand, I feel very lucky that it's contained, because when I see them running around I want to burn my house down. On the other hand .... there is a waterbug in my house and I'm not sure I'll be able to go to sleep with it there, but I can't mess with it if it is running around under that container.



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