Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I would like to tell you about the hyoomon I produced. Through no fault or grace of my own, my child is a chill guy. He's slept well since birth, is calm about vaccinations, has no mood swings. He doesn't really have any preference for anything other than that he wants to eat all the time. And even then, he gives approximately zero shits and will eat from boob or bottle, formula or pumped breast milk, warm or straight from the fridge, though he enjoys boob the most. He doesn't give a shit about what I've eaten and my breastmilk tastes like. He's never had a meltdown yet. I mean, he cries when he wants something, but that is only ever one of three things (food, new diaper, sleep). And his cry is low and raspy, not shrill.

He's had his first cold the last couple days and even though he's clearly felt pretty lousy, he's been so calm and keeps smiling.


So, he's a cool customer. I've had a very easy ride. :)

PS People keep saying that I'll pay for it later and it's driving me crazy! I'm just enjoying it while it lasts :)

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