Has anyone seen it yet?

I saw it last night and loved it.

[Very mild spoilers that probably aren't spoilers if you're familiar with the history.]

The sequence where the machine finally worked had me leaping about in my seat like a child. I kind of remembered why I took up engineering in the first place.

I loved that the movie was funny, as well as tense and desperately sad. I thought they did a great job of making a very complex problem accessible to a general audience without making too many concessions. (Although I'll admit my knowledge of the specifics is relatively limited.)


I thought Cumberbatch's performance is excellent, as has been noted repeatedly, and really makes the movie. Keira Knightly is also fantastic, as is Rory Kinnear, who fits a lot of nuance into relatively little screen-time. (Disclaimer: I fucking love Rory Kinnear so this opinion may not be entirely objective. But others who didn't enter on quite the same wave of goodwill have voiced similar opinions.)

I'd be interested to hear others' opinions about the way the movie tackles the subject of Turing's sexuality. I'm a little conflicted about their decision not to show Turing's relationships with men, beyond the unreciprocated schoolboy crush.


Note: I've had a couple of cans, so this may not be the most coherent review of the movie available.

For a proper review, listen to Mark Kermode - he's clever and (very probably) not drunk. [SPOILER FREE!]