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Welcome To The Bitchery

This op-ed was exactly what I needed after the moronic nonsense of the Vogue editor defending their choice of models for the one millionth time; a lovely piece by the literary editor of the Independent declaring that they will no longer review any books that are specifically marketed to either gender.

From Katy Guest:

What we are doing by pigeon-holing children is badly letting them down. And books, above all things, should be available to any child who is interested in them.

Happily, as the literary editor of The Independent on Sunday, there is something that I can do about this. So I promise now that the newspaper and this website will not be reviewing any book which is explicitly aimed at just girls, or just boys. Nor will The Independent's books section. And nor will the children's books blog at Independent.co.uk.


The entire article is fantastic and fucking nails it, discussing the crappy marketing reasons behind companies pushing gendered books, linking to studies that prove her points, and even getting a great jab in at the term "feminazi", but what I'm really thrilling to is an editor who is not defending the status quo, who is not complaining about the current paradigm while simultaneously perpetrating it, but one who actually stands up and says - hey, wait, I CAN do something, and I'm going to.

Three cheers for you, Katy Guest.

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