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Welcome To The Bitchery

The Infinite Loop, a comic from IDW...

[crashes through the wall like the Kool-Aid dude]

Do you like time travel stories?

Do you like swashbuckling lesbians?

Then let me hit you with some knowledge!

This is The Infinite Loop:

Illustration for article titled The Infinite Loop, a comic from IDW...

“Teddy’s job is to uphold the laws of time by correcting time paradoxes and the anomalies that result from it. These anomalies are mostly inanimate objects or small animals — easy to fix. She religiously follows her bosses’ orders, no questions asked...until a new time of anomaly appears in front of her, a young woman, a human anomaly she is supposed to suppress.”

-Recap page of issue 2.

It’s an interesting story. It has great art. I’m not good at this review shit but you should all totally read it, ok?

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