Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I just found out this morning that the son of a former friend was murdered.

Some of the comments on the local newspaper's FB page are truly revolting. These comments are from people that never met the young man.

He was one of the warmest, caring kids his age I ever met. A year or two ago he offered to teach my youngest how to skateboard. At around 19 he was offering to spend time with a 9 year old to share his passion and help the little kid out.


There are people commenting that he got what he deserved. Some people seem to think that because it's the internet it's ok to say whatever they want.

I read his older sister's reply to them and it broke my heart. She is hurting enough from the loss of her younger brother and these people are causing the family even more pain.

Was he perfect? No. He was a human being like you, me and everyone else. He was one of those special people where the good definitely outweighed the minor faults.

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