Just when I think about all of the hate and the vitriol that has taken up residence on this interweb, someone posts this to my Facebook feed.

I like Taylor Swift. I love that as a former child star, she is the most philanthropic celebrity of 2014. That's spectacular. I like some of her music. I dislike some of her music. But she seems like a young lady with her head on straight. After watching this video while my face leaked (weird), I was struck by how personal the gifts were. She had taken the time to really get to know her fans through their internet postings. Sure, this is a little creepy, but it's also very sweet. It is amazing to me that this is possible. That people who enjoy someone's music, and talk about it to strangers who become distant friends, can receive personal gifts from the musician.

Back in my day, musicians only knew the fans who consistently showed up to their shows within a 450-mile radius of the fan's home. It's the repetition of faces, and fan-gifts, that made them memorable. A friend of mine won a radio contest back in high school. Her favorite band would come to her house for an afternoon or something. The band remembered her because she always brought them her artwork/handicrafts when she went to their shows. They were glad she won, because they thought she'd deserved it. They were happy to be in her home and meet her family. The internet was young then. I think she said the weirdest online request she'd gotten (on a fan forum) was that someone wanted to buy her toilet seat, because the band had used it.



I am so glad the internet has progressed and moved forward down some better paths. I'm so glad that this can happen.


It will most likely never happen to me, since I of course am stuck on the creepier, stalkerier aspect of this. It's my jaded soul. I keep two versions of myself on the internet—the one with my real face and my real name, and then this one, where often times I bare my real soul. Never the 'twain shall meet. I'm far too mean in real life for anyone to want to put the pieces together.

You go, T.Swift! And for the rest of you on the selfie threads, who are more secure baring connectable details of your lives, I hope the ones you're lovingly posting about care enough to track you down and send internet hugs!!