I'm a learn-by-doing person. I haven't spent much of my life in an actual classroom. I've spent the last going-on-twenty years working in tech, from the bottom up. I've worked my way through what turned out to be a career in tech, and there are often holes in my knowledge that are downright embarrassing. My mentor at work keeps mentioning theories and concepts that I would've learned in a CompSci program, for example.

What has always amazed me in my years has been the way learning about tech has helped me learn about other concepts - music, my first love, for example. Time signatures become much more interesting when my brain stops derping out about, "OMG MATH WE DON'T DO MATH YOU KNOW THAT!"

So when my husband sent me this BoingBoing link today on "Knitting as Computation", I was relieved. I'm not the only one who's geeked out about the math involved in knitting, nor as "computation".

"While straight needles with caps store and retrieve their stitches according to the principle of LIFO (first in - last out), double pointed and circular needles additionally implement the functions of a queue or FIFO (first in โ€“ first out), effectively forming a double ended queue, also known as dequeue."


Ahh! It's so cool. I love the feeling I get in my brain when two seemingly disparate concepts link together to further my understanding of both. The main post is linked in the BB article and is worth the read for all Nerdy Knitters.