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The Iron Price

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So, literally every single time someone uses the word "price" for any reason in Game of Thrones (or in real life), I find myself shouting, "THE IRON PRICE?!" Earlier today I stole a cookie that my girlfriend's mother was about to eat (it's cool, she had a whole package of them), shouting "I PAY THE IRON PRICE!" while running out of the room. Her father (who has read the books) laughed his ass off while she stood there incredibly confused.

"The Iron Price" has become my favorite meme ever.

Also, Hipster Theon over there is staggeringly perfect; all you needed was the glasses and HE'S ALREADY A HIPSTER ZOMG. So glad I google image searched "the Iron Price" and found this.

Edit: Aaaaand guess what my new Facebook profile picture is?


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